meet Miss Quinn

Well, it has been awhile, friends.... I have been preoccupied as of late, with a beautiful little girl we named Quinn Samantha. She joined us on October 29, 2012, and we have been madly in love ever since.

My water broke at 3:30 am that morning. I took my time showering, and we arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am. I was starting to feel contractions by then, but nothing too severe. We got checked in, and all situated in the hospital room. Ann and the parents were called, and everyone was on their way. I was checked by the nurse, got my epidural (even though I was only 3 cm), and laid down to take a nap while Rick went to the cafeteria to eat some breakfast. About 45 minutes later the nurse came in to check me as my contractions were 2-4 minutes apart, and I was 9.5 cm!!! I could not believe it. I kept asking her if she was lying to me. She said we are gonna start pushing soon- but I protested! Ann wasn't here! My parents hadn't even left from Phoenix yet! But- about ten minutes later I was fully dilated and started to push. It was so surreal. It was so quiet in there, just me, Rick and the nurse. Rick held one leg, the nurse the other, and one hour later, SHE was here! I couldn't believe it was a girl.... I couldn't believe I had a baby, and she was so so cute.

The next couple of days were hard. Quinn was jaundice, and not latching so we had to go to formula to take care of the excess bilirubin. I was overwhelmed, feeling I failed because she wouldn't breast feed, scared because she was sick, and just frustrated because we had so many visitors and I was needing some time to digest everything. The Dr. recommended we stay another night, and I am so glad we did. It was a relief to spend time with the lactation consultant and know Quinn was healthy, and the jaundice was gone before we left the hospital.

We brought her home on Halloween, and it has been nonstop ever since. Having a baby at home is like nothing I could have ever expected. It is so, so hard at times. Hilarious at others, and overwhelmingly amazing at most. I never thought I would love the smell of sour milk on a baby's neck, or cheer at a giant dirty diaper, or cry because breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. The first two weeks after she was born, I was a mess of hormones, emotions, and anxiety. Thank goodness that subsided and I am feeling back to my old self. I know Rick is thrilled, too. I think he was a little scared I had gone off the deep end there for a minute. These are things no one tells you about. I love her so very much, and life is completely different now. But, to me, it is perfect.


39 weeks.

How far along? 39 Weeks
Total weight gain: not saying- but I do officially weigh more than my husband. Lovely.
Maternity clothes? every day
Stretch marks? nope- I think I am home free on this one!
Sleep: the last 3 nights have been great for sleep- I am so grateful! I contract all day so I am afraid that I will just stay up all night, but nope, the babe goes to sleep with me :)
Best moment this week: Our friends Ann and Marcel came down last weekend and we had a great time talking, eating, and she answered all of my baby questions (including how to use that breast pump, I mean what is that thing??). Her schedule is pretty much open so that she can make my delivery, except for her baby shower on the 3rd. Pray Pray that she can make it! The thought of her being in there with me calms me, and I think she will calm Rick, too, if he needs it. Only two people are allowed in the delivery room, if she comes then I wouldn't have to have just my Mom and not my Mother-in-law in there or vice versa with Rick.... it's things you never think you will have to worry about! Trying to be fair and even with both families....even if my Mom is already laying on the guilt about not being in the room.

Miss Anything? I could use a drink- I am huge.
Movement: oh yes the baby is active as ever! It was going crazy the other day when I was having consistent contractions every 20 minutes all day long. Every time a contraction stopped the baby would do somersaults.
Food cravings: Sweets! Duh- this week's menu consisted of peanut butter and jelly, root beer bottle candies, and snickers. Oh, and I have a craving for food truck cheesesteaks.... but who doesn't?
Anything making you queasy or sick: Salad.... barf
Gender: SURPRISE!!!!

Labor Signs: Contractions, but nothing closer than 7 minutes apart, ever. And they are not really painful, so I don't know whether or not to count them. Ugg, everything is so new! But my Dr. stripped my membranes yesterday, and I have an appt on my due date (the 31st). She will check the baby's size and fluid levels, and if anything is wrong, then I will go in that night. If everything is a-OK, then I will wait until Sunday the 4th, and if I have not delivered, then I will be induced that day. A week and a half left at the most!!
Symptoms: Just tight, large, and squished.
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? still off! I am a chubby buddy.

Happy or Moody most of the time: So flipping EXCITED to say the least!
Looking forward to: I just want to meet this baby and find out if it is a boy or a girl!


birthday boy.

The birthday gift for you, I pondered thus

Was a ginormous hippopotamus

So you and I could ride

His hippo hide

While sitting on our bottomus 

And, perhaps,

Since you've got him,

I Should get one too....

Two ...hippopotami 

Or we could just do it..
like normal peopleli
Happy Birthday, my darling
I love you.


38 weeks.

How far along? 38 Weeks
Maternity clothes? oh yea, I was talking to my prego besty Ann, and she and I just rotate the same clothes over and over....it is getting soooooooooooo boring and SO not chic. 
Stretch marks? none yet!
Sleep: not terrible this week, I had one bad night of 3 hours of sleep, and then I went to work. Getting me ready for baby I am sure!
Best moment this week: just soaking up every last bit of being pregnant ..laying around feeling it move & throwing back all the snacks I can get my hands on.

Miss Anything? so many things...but I know I only have a very short time to go!
Movement: oh yes the baby is active as ever! He or she has been moving constantly! Kicking me right in my ribs and shoving it's foot out the sides of my belly. 
Food cravings: sweets (surprise!) this week's main menu consisted of ice cream, birthday cake, Toblerone, candy corn, and Hershey's kisses.
Anything making you queasy or sick: salads

Labor Signs: Nope. It seems like constant braxton hicks lately..but otherwise I get the vibe that he or she is pretty cozy in there. I am all ready at home and work for the baby to come, so any day now would be perfect!!
Symptoms: lots of pain in my stomach from where it's head moves around plus wicked heartburn/acid reflux. Sore shoulders and back from carrying around this pumpkin, but Rick has been massaging out my knots every night. :)
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? off... still :(

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & EXCITED to say the least!
Looking forward to: D-Day! SO ready for this little baby's arrival!!!! :)


37 weeks.

How far along? 37 Weeks - FULL TERM baby!!!
Maternity clothes? oh yeah
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: Been great the past couple of days- I feel if I only get up once in the middle of the night to pee or eat TUMS, then it is a great night of sleep!!
Best moment this week: Finishing packing my hospital bag (for the most part) and having most everything checked off my to-do list. Except work, that is going to be a struggle.
Miss Anything? being comfortable! I hate not being able to bend down to pick stuff up or get up off the ground without help. My preschoolers are so cute, they come over and stand straight and tall for me, and I put my arms around their little shoulders and they hold so strong helping me up! I love them so much!
Movement: lots of major movements & rolling... I'm sure the babe is pretty darn cramped in there! Lately, I feel constant movement and it is so reassuring everything is A-OK!
Food cravings: Still want chocolate for every meal...other than that, not much of an appetite.
Anything making you queasy or sick: salads, vegetables
Labor Signs: Lot's and lots of Braxton Hicks, but that is it.... which is fine, because I am not ready for the baby to make it's appearance yet!
Symptoms:  I have been tired again (not as bad as the first trimester) & my back is pretty sore. Also, my heartburn is in full force... BUT, I know it is ALL WORTH IT! :)
Belly Button in or out? out (my husband asked if I was gonna tape it down for my maternity photos on Saturday- I swear my stomach looks like a giant boob with that belly button sticking out)
Wedding rings on or off? off- I miss that sparkler.... maybe I shouldn't eat so much salt.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy- unless I am at or just went to the grocery store. Then I am very irritated and probably crying.
Looking forward to: baby's arrival of course ... can't believe it is almost time!! 


36 weeks.

**** this post is super late because my husband was away on business last week, all the way in Connecticut, and I didnt have anyone to take my photo! I am glad he is back safe and sound and no baby came!

How far along? 36 Weeks
Maternity clothes? yep - literally sweatpants at home, and comfy stretchy clothes when I am at work!
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: I wake up most nights a few times, but I am quite tired, so falling asleep is no problem!
Best moment this week: Learning I am already 1-2 centimeters dilated, 50% effaced, and the babe's head is down at my Dr.'s appointment this week! My Ob said the baby is about 6 pounds, and she anticipates a 6.5-7 lb baby at birth. She also said she does not think I will go past my due date. Any day now!!

Miss Anything? I miss a lot of things..but this experience has been pretty darn amazing & I'm a little sad that it's almost over.
Movement: still lots of movement.. rib shots, bladder shots, but I love every one of them because it means the baby is healthy and doin well.
Food cravings: I am literally to the point where I want chocolate for every single meal.
Anything making you queasy or sick: still salads and vegetables- sure hope this goes away!

Labor Signs: No, felt one or two contractions, but nothing else.
Symptoms: overall feeling pretty great, other than lots of pressure in my belly as it continues to grow & some pain in my back & ribs.
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? off :(

Happy or Moody most of the time: Had a roller coaster of emotions this week, the grocery store just does not bring out the best in me, my poor husband... but so very happy.
Looking forward to: Maternity photos this weekend!!!


35 weeks.

How far along? 35 Weeks
Maternity clothes? yep - literally  maternity pants/dresses/shirts and Rick's shirts from here on out!
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: I am starting to wake up a few times a night, heartburn, being uncomfortable, the difficulty in rolling over.... I think my body is just preparing for zero sleep.
Best moment this week: My work surprised me with a baby shower last week! So sweet!!! And getting out all of my Halloween decorations, this is my favorite time of year!
Miss Anything? I miss a lot of things..but this experience has been pretty darn amazing & I'm a little sad that it's almost over.
Movement: still lots of movement.. hoping to feel the momentous partial somersault any day now......The rib shots are pretty constant.
Food cravings: I am literally to the point where I want candy after every single meal.
Anything making you queasy or sick: still salads- sure hope this goes away!
Gender: Surprise!!

Labor Signs: No, but crazy to think it will only be a very short time now!
Symptoms: overall feeling pretty great, other than lots of pressure in my belly as it continues to grow & some pain in my hips & ribs. I think walking every night with my neighbor Katie has helped strengthen my back.
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? off..... I so miss my wedding bling.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Had a mini breakdown this week at the grocery store when no one would help me lift my pallet of water into my cart or into my trunk, and then looked at all the groceries I had to unload, and I was so so tired... but Rick quickly left work to help me unload the trunk, after that- so very happy.
Looking forward to: baby's arrival of course! Maternity photos are in a couple of weeks!! (late I know, but I would wait to 40 weeks to have the Pied Piper take the pics) ALSO, can't wait to share the nursery with you all very soon! :)